“Áfram með smjörið”

Krooz Electric Bikes

Krooz around on one of the best ebike brands in Florida

Explore the sandy beaches, streets, trails and beautiful views of Sarasota, Florida while riding one of Krooz Electric Bikes' smooth, comfortable, and powerful ebikes.

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Superior Electric Bike Designs

Krooz Electric Bikes is your connection to ebike perfection.  Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals are here to help you find the best Electric bike to buy for your unique wants, needs, and adventures.

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High Quality Components

Each electric bike for sale at Krooz has been hand-selected and rigorously tested for maximum enjoyment, safety, and durability.

30-60 Mile Range


Krooz Electric Bikes are guaranteed to go the distance! Looking to go for a long ride? We have you covered. At Krooz Electric Bikes, our bikes will go 25-55 miles between charges – giving you plenty of miles to explore Sarasota, Florida and beyond.

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